Encrypted Disk Partitions and Samba

Encrypted Disk Partitions and Samba

Post by O Gibb » Wed, 06 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Has anyone tried out encrypted disk partitions?  I have been reading about
the pros and cons of a number of different implementation that are
available, for example Loopback, CFS, TCFS, PPDD, SFS and StegFS.  Does
anyone have any personal recommendation based on personal experience and
data integrity?

Another question, some what related is has anyone ever tried using encrypted
disk partitions with Samba?  If a Windows based user had an encrypted share
mapped, would they be able to utilise the share in the usual way?

Thanks in advance.

Oliver Gibbs
Systems Programmer
Computer Centre,
Cranfield University, Bedford. MK43 OAL. United Kingdom


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I am having real bad results with the performance of samba - I wonder if
this is normal.

Last night I went to tranfer a rather large file across the little
network (3 Win98 and the Linux Server) from a Win98 to Linux.  The file
was about 170Mb and the NICs are all 10/100's but using a 10 hub at the
moment - so limiting the network to 10Mbps.

Windows estimated 91 minutes to complete the copy.  Needless to say - I
clicked the Cancel button.  I found in the end that I could ftp the file
across in a matter of minutes.

Also noted, was that the HD light in the Linux box was flickering
'nicely' - small blocks being written often, and running top showed the
the smb process was taking 100% cpu.

Any ideas where to start looking here?  or is this normal?

One thing I have not tried is getting a newer release of Samba, I can't
remember the version I am currently using, but it's the one that came
with my Caldera 1.3 build - and I know that a newer one is out - I
wonder whether this is one of the changes?

Any help would be great.


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