Is it possible to make PPP use authentication server vs PAP/CHAP?

Is it possible to make PPP use authentication server vs PAP/CHAP?

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I have a PPP dialup server with CHAP authentication running on
Slackware 4.0.  Is it possible to have PPP use an authentication server
such as authsrv or safeword vs PAP or CHAP?

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1. PAP & CHAP authentication in PPP

Hello All,

I have a SERVER for PPP connection, and tried to use PAP authentication on
my, but nothing to do.

I created the file /etc/ppp/pap-secrets, and I put the flag auth in my
ppplogin script, but when I start ppplogin, pppd says something like this:

"pppd: peer authentication required but no authentication files accessible"

My pap-secrets is

*        login      password

perhaps I missed something, but what?

Could someone help me?

Thanks for cooperation


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