NIS+NFS question

NIS+NFS question

Post by jpch » Sat, 02 Jun 2001 19:51:14


I have met one problem while setting up my NIS server and NFS server.
The problem as follows,

1. There are one NIS server, one NFS server(also NIS client), and one
client workstation(NIS client),
2. If one exported share was mounted on the client,
3. If there is one local account on this client, the access of this
account to the exported share result in no warning even this local
account doesnt exist in NIS server,

It seems one security hole for my environment. How could I pass this

Best Regards,



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standalone machines (i.e. not running NIS/NIS+ ) ?

I believe I have to tweak /etc/publickey on both machines, but I'm hoping
someone has done this already...

Vinod Kutty

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