Win2k (ipsec.exe) and freeswan

Win2k (ipsec.exe) and freeswan

Post by Chris Lowt » Sat, 29 Mar 2003 00:57:48

I have located the HOWTO for connecting a Win2k system to a linux freeswan
gateway, but cant get it to work. In fact ipsec.exe is not triggering any
IP traffic out of the Win2k box at all.

I have a Win2k (SP3) machine with address at home, connected to
the public internet via a firewall/router with internal address
and a public external address (say: I am trying to connect to a
freeswan system also on the 'net' and have installed the ipsecpol and ipsec,
and created a ipsec.conf file.

Desktop ( -->
  HUB -->
    ( Router ( -->
      Public Internet -->
        ( Freeswan ( -->
          Office network (10.10.254.*)

(Addresses changed to protect the innocent)

For debug I have connected another machine to the hub to run tcpdump on, for
watching the low-level network traffic. When I run IPSEC on the desktop, it
creates no traffic on the LAN, but when I ping (a machine on
the office network), I see the ping packets crossing the LAN as real ICMP
addressed to the target IP (I would expect to see IPSec traffic instead).

So the problem (currently) is that nothing is coming OUT of the desktop. I
have turned OFF all Win2k firewalling by the way.

The ipsec.conf file is...

conn KDI

The IPSEC.exe output is...

IPSec Version 2.1.4 (c) 2001,2002 Marcus Mueller
Getting running Config ...
Microsoft's Windows 2000 identified
Host name is: CHRIS_LOWTH
LAN IP address:
Setting up IPSec ...

   Deactivating old policy...
   Removing old policy...

Connection KDI:
   MyTunnel     :
   MyNet        :
   PartnerNet   :
   CA (ID)      : Preshared Key ******************
   PFS          : y
   Auto         : start
   Auth.Mode    : MD5
   Rekeying     : 3600S/50000K
   Activating policy...

I also found that the "IP Sec Agent" was disabled in the "service" control
panel, so I have enabled it and can confirm that it starts when IPSEC.exe
runs (but still no traffic out of the desktop).

Any ideas?

My real address is: chris at lowth dot sea oh em
-> OpenSource e-mail virus protection :
-> iptables configuration wizards :


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