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Post by amat » Wed, 12 Apr 2000 04:00:00

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1. Money, money, money

Oh, yes I am angry !
Today I got an look on serveral webpages to find software (sw) for
Linux and I was surprised how much some companies charge for there
Linux sw.

There was a guy in finland who started to develop a kernel for an OS.
Generous as he was, he offered his work to the internet community for
free. Then other generous people start to do some work and know we
have the great and wonderfull OS called LINUX.

Nowadays I see more an more companies which abuse of LINUX to make a
fortune. Normally I haven't a problem with commerce, but this
companies have gained from the effort of people in the internet and
for their products they charge $200 and more. This blood suckers
even doesn't offer an discount or an special offer for home users or
at least for students.
Hey, if this companies want to foolish people, they should ride on the
microsoft train.
Commerce is o.k. if buisness users are charged for LINUX sw cause they
save or make money using this sw. But is it necessary to charge home
users or students $200+ dollars for an CDE ?
Where will be soon the difference between LINUX an the other
UNIX-systems ?
Well, also problematic for me are the different distributions.
Don't misunderstand me I haven't a problem with the LINUX
distributors like Red Hat as long the price is right. But I don't
like, when I see how more and more the difference is growning between
the several LINUX distributions. Maybe one day the LINUX will be no
more compatible to itself ? This wouldn't be the first time that such
things happen with a UNIX-system. Just have a look at the history of
the others. I think this wasn't the intention of ones who started with
this LINUX thing.
My suggest is to keep LINUX as wild and free as possible, so that this
OS can reach new frontiers and continues to be a attractive
alternative to others.
For the ones who want make money with LINUX sw: at least offer your
products for effortable prices (dicounts, special offers, free home
user versions) and pay on this way your tribute for the effort of the
LINUX community.

I would appreciate opions, critics and comments to my mail

(I beg your pardon for my english. Please keep in mind english is not
mother language)

Might linux be with you

We just want to have a good time with Linux

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