sshd2 won't fork in verbose mode

sshd2 won't fork in verbose mode

Post by davelist » Fri, 23 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Very interesting...

I just had a rude 2-hour debug session with a sshd2:
It didn't fork a new process.  Confusingly enough, a
similarly-compiled sshd1 worked fine.  It forked a new process
when a request came in, and the dispatching daemon was still

sshd2, on the other hand, disappeared after it handled 1 request.
I tried to invoke it from inetd but couldn't because of the
delays ssh does in authentication.

 It turned out that the /etc/ssh2/sshd2_config file had Verbose
set to "yes"

I haven't seen this "feature" to be documented anywhere.  Maybe
it should be.

Dave Thomas

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1. X works fine in laptop mode, won't load in docked mode.

Hello. This is my first message here, but I hope it's not my last. I
am a newbie to Linux, but I've taken a couple classes. I apologize if
I misuse a term here or there, but hey, I'm learning. :)

I finally took the plunge and installed Red Hat 7.2  on my computer,
which is a Dell Inspiron 8000 laptop. With the help of resources like, I was able to install it just fine. When I use Linux
in laptop mode, everything works great. X loads up fine, KDE looks
wonderful, the whole shebang goes swimmingly.

The problem is when I dock the laptop. Kudzu detects the network
interface built into the dock, and detects the USB mouse plugged into
the hub built into my monitor, a Sony HMD-A400. When it's time for X
to come up, the screen goes black and the power light turns yellow, as
if it is getting no signal.

I went so far as to attempt to install Red Hat with the computer
docked. Using the installation tool, I tried out different resolutions
and color depths with the "test settings" button... Every single one I
tried gives me the black screen, yellow light dead monitor.

It seems like the only conclusion to make is to make is that my
monitor is incompatible with X. I just wanted to get some input from
some more knowlegable people than myself.

Here are some more details about my system which my prove useful: Dell
Inspiron 8000, Pentium III 850MHz, 512MB RAM, ATI Rage Mobility M4 AGP
video card,

Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.
Eddie Lukin

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