Magazine that reviews Linux security Software

Magazine that reviews Linux security Software

Post by Drew cutte » Fri, 01 Dec 2000 12:13:07

Is there a magazine that reviews security tools or discussion group list

Magazine that reviews Linux security Software

Post by Prasanth A. Kum » Thu, 30 Nov 2000 14:24:41

> Is there a magazine that reviews security tools or discussion group list
> ?

I like although they don't cover just Linux by
no means. Also, they don't have a magazine although you can subscribe
to weekly email summaries. They have nice security contents though.

Prasanth Kumar


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I just found this in a computermagazine (Personal Computer Magazine, dutch)
and I thought it was funny enough to post it here. It's about a
comparison between SCO-Unix and Linux. It ends with:

Actually SCO-Unix versus Linux is not a fair comparison. Linux is smaller,
faster and more modern and it's free as well. The support through Internet
comes very close to the level of the best commercial support. At first sight
Linus seems to support more hardware than SCO. Only the DOS-emulation is
missing (the author seems to have missed dosemu.. note from me), just as paper
documentation. Some experience with computers is desired for the installation
of and working with Linux (though also SCO demands some experience for
For the time being Linux is for the hobbyist, researcher and experienced UNIX-
user. The marked for SCO is mainly that of the financially strong companies. If
you should ask what it costs, it ain't for you.

Well, I thought Linux gets out pretty well doesn't it? :-)


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