Apache and IPMASQADM and Solaris and Linux

Apache and IPMASQADM and Solaris and Linux

Post by Pau » Wed, 25 Oct 2000 04:00:00

I am trying to have a Sun Solaris run Apache behind the Linux (redhat
6.2) firewall and having difficult setting it up.  I would appreciate
advise from experts.  I am using the firewall script available from
redhat site with ipmasqadm uncommented, but without success.  I admit
I have very shallow understanding of these commands.

I am getting following apache access_log entries on the Sun Solaris: - - [24/Oct/2000:01:49:03 -0400] "-" 408 - - - [24/Oct/2000:01:50:32 -0400] "-" 408 - - - [24/Oct/2000:01:52:24 -0400] "-" 408 - - - [24/Oct/2000:01:52:49 -0400] "-" 408 -

Above appears that a packet is being forwarded to the Sun Solaris box,
but not complete infomation is being forwarded.

I have tried to run the apache server right on the linux box without
forwarding and got following logs which works fine. - - [24/Oct/2000:01:32:24 -0400] "GET /mypage/test3.html
HTTP/1.0" 200 481 - - [24/Oct/2000:01:32:39 -0400] "GET /mypage/test2.html
HTTP/1.0" 200 472 - - [24/Oct/2000:01:48:03 -0400] "GET /mypage/test3.html
HTTP/1.0" 200 481 - - [24/Oct/2000:01:48:15 -0400] "GET /mypage/test1.html
HTTP/1.0" 404 286

The above is what should be recorded on the Sun Solaris box, but it is
missing actual request information.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.

My configuration:

Linux Box with two ethernet card (internet ip address of and internal ip of

Sun Solaris Box with one ethernet card (ip connected to (the linux box))