Security Configurations

Security Configurations

Post by Mike Kell » Thu, 02 Dec 1999 04:00:00

  I'm probably a little unclear on some concepts. Which would explain
these questions.

 I'm setting up a Redhat box that I intend to use as my firewall.
(Acer Aspire P75 w/64mb RAM 2gb HDD)
 I have two IP adresses, one for myself, and one for my wife.
  Eventually, as I get the hang of Linux, I want to do some
experimenting on the other side of the firewall, so I intend to retain
both IP addresses. (I'm talking about CU refs and things like that. )

 I've got my lan pretty much figured out on paper. I'm trying to fill
in some blanks.

 Is it advisable to run a proxy like squid on a machine that will also
be a firewall? Will the two programs work against each other or can
they be set up to compliment each other? Does Junkbuster run on a
Can I also run swan on this machine so I can VPN into my office?

 The reason I'm asking is that I have been using WinProxy off and on
for a couple of weeks and I know that if I set it up correctly, I can
get it to open ports for programs that need it automatically. I
haven't noticed any documentation that says I can do the same thing
with IPChains.  Am I missing something here?

 Also, instead of buying an extra monitor or a switch, is it advisable
to telnet into the firewall machine from inside the LAN to make

  One last thing. I have spent most of my life working on Microsoft
pcs. I'm geeked about learning Linux. Are the headaches I'm getting
normal for someone who is finally moving away from The Darkside?

 Mike "I think I know what Neo felt like" Kelly


1. Virtualhost security configuration

Hi guys,

    Do you have any experiences with virtual webhosting for mass?

  if you answer yes to this question maybe you can help us!

We want to build a large virtual web hosting solution for our web
devlopers but we want to keep
a secure system. We want to build a complete web devlopemnt system with
apache and ( ssi, mod_php, mod_perl,  mysql, msql).

The problem
If we configure web server with a specific like www how we
can setup each virtualhost section
to give CGI and PHP work and be secure between dev1 and devn if all
users have different

Devlopers 1
Devlopers N

Any idea are welcome!


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