Textures question (postscript inclusion)

Textures question (postscript inclusion)

Post by Christos S. Zoul » Mon, 14 Jan 1991 15:19:35


I am trying to include encapsulated postscript files inside my*
document on the mac, using Textures. Is there something like psfig for
the mac that computes the bounding box automatically so I don't have to
do it by hand all the time?

Thanks in advance

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1. how do I get PostScript inclusion to work?

I must be one of the cursed TeX user. I have compiled TeX on various
platforms several times, and in that sense, I am not new to the world
of TeX. But, I just cannot get PostScript inclusion to work. I have
been attempting for ages (how does 8 months sound?) to get some simple
mechanism for PostScript inclusion to work, but success still eludes
me. Right now, I am trying to get psfig (the one distributed with the
TeX 3.0 release from labrea), but that does not work either. In the
DVIware directory of the release, the dvitps program does not accept
\special command. The dvi2ps command fails because it does not find
all the needed fonts.

I do not know what needs to be done.  There are so many flavors of
dvi-related software from just about every archive server. I would
like to hear from those of you who have solved this problem. The
machine I have installed TeX 3.0 release is a Sun Sparc 1+ running
SunOS 4.1.

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