miktex 2.0/NT type 1 fonts

miktex 2.0/NT type 1 fonts

Post by Sivaram » Fri, 23 Nov 2001 20:20:50


I know this question has been asked before but  I still am facing problems.
I'm trying to generate a pdf file through tex->ps->pdf route.
I changed config.ps to have the following

%p +lw35extra.mapfile
p +lw35extra_urw.mapfile
% Fonts added by gph.
%p +pdftex.map
p +pazo.map
p +pazoppl.map
p +pazoupl.map
% p +pl.map


% To use the CM Type1 fonts. Or use -Pcmz and -Pamz
p +bsr.map
% "real" bakoma instead of interpolated bsr
% p +bakomaextra.map
% this one *or* the previous one. Not both!
p +bsr-interpolated.map

The args to DVIPS in TEXNIC IDE are
-Pcmz -Pamz -Ppdf -G0  "%Bm.dvi"

I use GS 7.0 with GSview 4.0 to convert to pdf but the resulting pdf
looks a bit "moth-eaten", if i may say so. Checking the fonts in Reader 5.0

CMR17  Type 1 Built-in  embedded-subset type 1
CMR12  -do-
CMR10  -do-

Have i missed anything or what have i done wrong?



1. PDFLaTeX, MikTeX 2.0, Mathematica fonts in graphic -> crash!

I created an EPS graphic in Mathematica and converted it to PDF using Adobe
Acrobat Distiller.  It has some Greek letters from Mathematica's special
math fonts.  Incorporating this graphic into a PDFLatex file works fine in
OzTeX on the Mac, using the CMacTeX distribution of PDFLaTeX.

But on MikTeX 2.0, it doesn't work. If I leave the Math1.pfb font file in
the Mathematica directory, and tell MikTeX to search that directory for
files (using that options app to refresh the filename database etc), it
reports an error and the graphic comes in with blobs instead of \lambda's.
If I put the font files in my local texmf tree and refresh the filename
database, PDFLaTeX actually crashes (address error or something), aborting
the PDF file creation -- I have to pull out those font files and refresh
MiKTeX again to get it running again on any file.

All the other font information is there (.fd and .map files, etc), it's only
the .pfb files that send things haywire. But of course, they are the files
that tell PDFLaTeX how to embed the fonts.

I've no idea whether the problem is with MiKTeX/PDFLaTeX or something to do
with the Mathematica fonts.  If anyone has done this successfully, I would
be grateful for some suggestions on where to put these pfb files so that it
will work.

I _can_ only do my TeX-ing at home on my Mac, but I would like to be able to
do it at work, too.

Thanks in advance

Luci "Fonts and LaTeX drive her bonkers" Ellis

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