Shrinking bitmapped fonts (TeX PK font files to Sun font files)

Shrinking bitmapped fonts (TeX PK font files to Sun font files)

Post by y.. » Wed, 05 Feb 1992 01:51:22

Has anyone in netland ever done any work on scaling TeX PK fonts?

I am currently writing a tool for converting 300 DPI PK font files to
80 DPI Sun font file format (well, something very similar).
At the moment I only need to shrink the bitmap obtained from processing
the PK file.  I have so far tried two different shrinking algorithms, neither
of which gave particularly satisfactory results.

The two methods I have used are:

1)      Calculating a rectangle in the source bitmap which corresponds to a
        specific point in the destination bitmap.  If 1/2 or more pixels are
        set in the rectangle then set the pixel in the destination.
2)      Simple scaling of pixel distance from a reference point.  For each
        set pixel in the source calculate (x,y) distance from reference point.
        Then set pixel (x_sf * x, y_sf * y) in the destination bitmap.

The first method is generally cruddy - requires more processing and gives poor
results.  The second method gives much better results, but the characters tend
to be rather bold and squared off.

If you have succeeded in scaling PK fonts with satisfactory results, I would be
very interested in hearing from you.

Thanks in advance,
Chris Locke.

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Thanks a lot for your kind attention.





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