Help in generating base fonts for emtex

Help in generating base fonts for emtex

Post by Thulasinath Manicka » Sun, 11 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I am install emtex on my PC which runs on MS-DOS/Windows95. I
was  trying the instructions given in the file install.eng and
I encountered a problem in section 5 (Installing printer drivers,
screen previewers and fonts). When I typed the command
   fli_base bj 360 c:\texfonts
it gave the following error message

   Out of environment space
   fontlib -- Version 1.2b -- Copyright (c) 1988-1995 by Eberhard

   Warning 1103: non-existent path or font library file *0.8
   Warning 1105: no size specified, ignoring '+*.pk'
   Warning 1103: non-existent path or font library file *0.9
   Warning 1105: no size specified, ignoring '+*.pk'

I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.



1. Help - my 10pt fonts print w/16pts base-to-base, not 12

I have an AT&T Unix PC (3.51m OS) with a Panasonic KX-P1124 24 pin dot matrix
printer attached.  I have spent the past 7 nights trying to get my printer
to play nice with LaTeX.  I have modified the dvieps driver so that it knows
that my Panasonic only has 180 vertical dpi, I have recompiled all the fonts
with a new that reflects the 180/240 aspect ratio, and I have set
1200 as the STDMAG (1200/1000 = 240/200).  

When I print \normalsize type, it is 10pts high and correctly proportioned,
which is by the book.  Unfortunately, the base-to-base spacing is 16pts (I
bought a sizing-gauge), while the TeXbook says it should be 12pts.

Now, 16/12 = 1.33333, which by coincidence also  = 240/180.  So, is something
assuming I'm using square pixels, even though the file says they
are rectangular?  If so, what???  I have been all through the driver, but I
can't claim I have a good understanding of it.  Right now, everything looks
correct - I've verified the printer control codes with my manual, and the
#defines are doing the right thing.

Can someone please enlighten me?  I'm going bonkers - the type is so nice
looking that you can almost overlook the bogus spacing.  But not quite.
I started hacking on vers. 2.10 of dvieps.c, BTW.

Thanks -- Peter

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