dvips 5.474: Problems with config.ps

dvips 5.474: Problems with config.ps

Post by Volkmar Kuhn » Wed, 25 Mar 1992 01:38:11


I just compiled dvips 5.474 with all the bugfixes posted recently
in this group. Now I want to run it - but strange enough,
dvips always issues an error message:

When I uncomment the a4size line, I get the same error message in
the a4size line.

What went wrong? config.ps is located in the same directory as
dvips.exe, and all paths are set right (from the previous
installation of dvips 5.47)

Thank you in advance,



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I am able to print a draft document (empty boxes in place of images),
but can't print the final version.  The DVIPS documentation suggests
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m is 1000000.  How much printer (?) memory is this supposed to equal?


        Una Smith

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