.DVI to EPSON LQ-450

.DVI to EPSON LQ-450

Post by Timothy Murp » Sat, 05 Mar 1994 02:24:53

>As the subject says, I want to use an EPSON LQ-450 (24-pin) printer w/ an
>IBM PC. Of course, the reason why I ask is that I don't succeed. I use the
>program dvi24pin (which is a modification of dvieps), but it only prints the
>first few (very few) lines then goes mad. I would very much appreciate any
>help, as it is quite important and urgent for me.

You could use dvips followed by ghostscript (gs) with the Epson driver.
(We do this.)

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I've download dvidot.arj but got problem on installing and configuration.

thanks and better if reply
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