epsf problem

epsf problem

Post by Loris Bennet » Wed, 07 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Dear All,
Does anyone know of epsf causing problems. I have some PS produced
by FrameMaker 4 which seems OK unless I try to incorporated into
a*file using epsf.sty. When I view either the DVI file or
the PS file produced by dvips, the imported PS appears breifly, but
the vanishes.
Is there a remedy, or is this my just reward for using FrameMaker?
Loris Bennett
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Using a scanner, I encoded my signature as a .epsf file.  I use
graphicx and includegraphics to trim it to size, for putting on a document.
I make it into a .ps document using dvips.  I read it into gsview to
print it on my printer, and it dies at the signature, although gsview
has no problems with it.  Some message regarding a "illegal serverdict"
command is present, but I have looked through the epsf signature file
to find a serverdict, and none are there.  Anyone have any thoughts on
this (overly arcane) approach to signature processing?
Paul Thompson, Ph.D.     |  This is a coded .sig file.  Stare hard at
Department of Psychiatry |  the following terms, and tell me what you see:
Case Western Reserve Univ|  KJA:HJSDoJL*H**&o*&*S&kjalkJeLKJ,L**M&&&r*&*.

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