gftodvi question

gftodvi question

Post by Denis B. Roeg » Mon, 16 May 1994 05:48:20

When a character output by gftodvi is too big
for the page (like character 65 in,
how does one decrease it ?
Is this possible without generating the PS file
and reworking the latter ?


mf '\mag=0.5; input mfman'

doesn't seem to reduce all the characters
in that font, or am I wrong ?)

Thanks in advance,



1. GFtoDVI question

I hope someone in this group can help me out with this metafont newbie
question.  I'm trying to understand metafont and have been reading through
the Metafontbook.  The best way to start, I thought, was to replicate
Knuth's example file,, and have a look at the characters on my

First, I ran

         mf386 \mode=laserjet; input io

and I got files io.300 and io.tfm created for me.  Then, I ran

         gftodvi io.300

but I got a complaint: "Bad TFM for pixels!"  What am I doing wrong?  Any
help would be appreciated.  Thank you.


Best wishes,

Andrew Criswell, Ph.D.
Graduate School
Bangkok University
40/4 Rama 4 Road
Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110


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