dvips remaking fonts under Slackware 3.1

dvips remaking fonts under Slackware 3.1

Post by Jim Van Zan » Thu, 17 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Problem: dvips makes new fonts as needed.  However, they are not
found next time, so they are made again.

Diagnosis: dvips tries to use /usr/lib/texmf/lib/texmf/fonts, which
does not exist.

Fix: Create two directories and a symbolic link, as follows:

# mkdir /usr/lib/texmf/lib
# mkdir /usr/lib/texmf/lib/texmf
# ln -s /var/texfonts /usr/lib/texmf/lib/texmf/fonts


1. dvips question: remaking fonts already made?

Hi. I'm running TeX on Linux, probably the version that
came with Slackware 96. TeX works great, but when I use
dvips the fonts, which are already present as
/var/texfonts/pk/localfont/cmbx10.300pk and so on,
get remade for some reason.
 Can anyone tell me why this is happening? A really
simple-minded explanation would be nice, if there is
one, since I haven't understood much from the man pages
so far:-)


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