NFSS: what is it?

NFSS: what is it?

Post by Kenneth L » Sun, 26 Dec 1993 00:31:29


I notice that the term NFSS keeps popping up in this group. New to the
land of tex, I wonder if someone can answer the following questions:

1) what is nfss?
2) what is it good at? (why do people use it?)
3) what is needed to run it?
4) where can I get a copy of it?
5) how difficult/easy is it to use nfss?



1. AM/CM or CM/AM/CM ?

I went through some "old" files.
In particular, in CTAN:digests/texhax/88/texhax.32,
I found this:

Date: Sat 10 Dec 83 15:32:37-PST
From: David Fuchs
Subject: Finally!

I am glad to report that TeX version 1.0 is now official.  Everything
is on Score for FTP, or you can get distribution tapes from Ron and
Maria Code.  The DEC versions are ready now, the IBM ones will be a
little longer.

I am also glad to report that I have personally seen at least 4
different copies of The TeXbook in their final, bound form.  We
are told that 400 copies will arrive at the Stanford bookstore
by Tuesday.  Addison-Wesley's sales department has finally gotten
their act together, so you might want to check that your local
bookstore has an order placed with them.  Once again, the title
is "The TeXbook" by Donald Knuth, ISBN # 13448.

Make sure that you get the latest fonts.  The AMI5..AMI10 fonts
are now named AMMI5..AMMI10 (to keep people from using them for
text italics).  Recent changes were made to AMU10, AMITT10, and
AMTI7..AMTI10.  If you're using fonts named "CM*", then you're
way out of date.

Thank you all for being patient.


Besides the fact that it should not be in the texhax/88 directory,
the phrase

If you're using fonts named "CM*", then you're way out of date.

puzzles me. Can anybody comment ?

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