help in generating missing fonts automatically with EmTeX

help in generating missing fonts automatically with EmTeX

Post by G.Robert Arrabi » Sat, 25 Dec 1993 06:39:06

I recently installed the beta version of EmTeX/dvidrv (version numbers
are given below). All is well but I cannot get mf to generate missing fonts
automatically. I'm using a 486 PC running Dos 5.0 along with a
HP IIIP. I named mf386.exe to mf.exe and I havne't
yet installed the beta version of EmTeX/TeX386 (do I have to?).
Here is the error that I'm getting.

C:\EMTEX>prthplj testfile.dvi
dvihplj -- Version 1.4s -- Copyright (c) 1988-1992 by Eberhard Mattes

' TeX output 1993.12.20:2158'
Loading font cmb10 scaled 3285
Warning 1208: font cmb10<985.5> replaced by cmb10<300> (deviation: 228.50%)
Warning 1206: +batch-mode: font cmb10 replaced by cmb10<300>
Loading font cmb10 scaled 1440
Loading font cmsy10 scaled 1095
Loading font cmr10 scaled 1095
Warning 1209: do you want to call MFjob to generate 1 missing font now?
Type Y, N or ?: ?
cmb10 3.285
Type Y, N or ?: y
Call `mfjob c:\tmp\dv1.mfj' to generate the missing fonts
MFjob -- Version 1.1l -- Copyright (c) 1989-1992 by Eberhard Mattes
Computing 1 of 1 font
This is METAFONT (mf386), Version 2.71 [3c-beta1] (no base preloaded)
**&plain \mode=hplaser; mag=3.285; input cmb10
(Fatal base file error; I'm stymied)

*** Error returned by `mf.exe': 3C:\EMTEX>

C:\EMTEX>type lj.cnf
% lj.cnf (300x300 DPI using LJ fonts)


All my *.mf files are there and appear to be in fine shape.
Also, I have tried generating other missing fonts
automatically and get the same error.

I'm not a TeXnician. Any help/suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

Rob Arrabito


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