question about amsthm "named theorems" + hypertex

question about amsthm "named theorems" + hypertex

Post by Lee Rudol » Sat, 08 Dec 2001 01:11:40

I asked this question about 4 days ago, with the Subject
"can I refer to a named theorem by its name?" and have
had no replies.  Perhaps the present Subject is clearer.

What I want to do is the following.  The amsthm package
allows me to define "named theorems", such as
\newtheorem*{Lagrange}{Lagrange Interpolation Theorem} .

Once such a named theorem has been defined, by including

\begin{Lagrange}\label{Lagrange Interpolation Theorem}
The hypotheses imply the conclusion.

in my document, I have the Lagrange Interpolation Theorem
stated, unnumbered, and labelled.  What I *want* is then
(having loaded the hyperref package) to be able to type *something*
like \nameref{Lagrange Interpolation Theorem} so as to automatically
create a hyperlinked reference to the Lagrange Interpolation
Theorem, with its label as the anchor.  The analogous hyperlink
creation works fine for numbered theorems, but I cannot figure
out what to do to make it work for a named-but-unnumbered theorem.

Can anyone help (even if only by explaining why what I want is
either impossible to achieve or wrong to want)?

Lee Rudolph


1. Question: kerning of "oj", "bj", "pj" and "aj"

Dear TeXnicians,

I once asked about this quetion in domestic network but
could not get an answer. So I decided to ask here.

It's about kerning of the Computer Modern Font.
I have installed Japanese version of TeX (it is based on tex2.99)
4 month ago. One user complained about the printout of the word
"Project".  He said, "I feel the space between 'o' and 'j' is
too wide." Well, I hadn't noticed until then, but I felt in
the same way. So I looked into the definition of the font
and found following description in the tex2.99/cmfonts/mf/

 ligtable "o": "b": "p": "e" kern -k#, "o" kern -k#, "x" kern k#,
   "d" kern -k#, "c" kern -k#, "q" kern -k#,
  "a": if serifs: "v" kern k#, "j" kern u#, else: "r" kern k#, fi
This means, if it is serif-font, insert kern to widen the space
between "oj", "bj", "pj" and "aj". We feel rather shrinking the
space makes the word more beautiful. We have tested several kering
values and found

        "j" kern k#

makes a good result.

Question: Is the original kern is correct? (Is there any rule
          to widen the space in type setting?) Or Is it a bug and
          kern k# is correct? (It's hard to believe ...)

Please reply by e-mail if possible.
Thanks in advance.


Sony Corporation
2255 Okata, Atsugi-shi
Kanagawa, Japan

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