psselect problem

psselect problem

Post by Maarten Sande » Thu, 17 Oct 1996 04:00:00


When using psselect under dos like:
psselect -p1-3
from the directory in which is located I get a message saying:
c:/directory/psselect.exe can't  open input file is
OK because GsView under windows works fine. I have a 4TeX cd-rom
package. Who can help me ?


Maarten Sanders


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I have created 3 postscript files (IEEE_[1,2,3].ps) using psselect
from a 3-page postscript article ( so that it could be
inserted in a latex document using:

\chapter{Published Article}

But by some reason latex cannot process the file even though
ghostview shows it perfectly.

I can fix it using ps2ps but this creates black borders around my

Latex gives the following error:

Runaway definition?
->b(45{57,)2098 3245 y(F)-6 b(eb.)25 b(1991.)1975 3364 y([2])43 b(L.)\ETC.
! File ended within \read.
<read 0>

Does anybody now how to fix this?

 (o_   Karsten Vandborg S?rensen

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