How to redefine *Chapter* in report.sty?

How to redefine *Chapter* in report.sty?

Post by Robin Fairbair » Tue, 28 Feb 1995 23:08:01

>I would like to change the standard title of chapter.sty. Could anybody
>tell me how to modify the usual *Chapter 1* to something like *1st Part*.

You mean, as in


Or do you want to have a separate part structure on top of the
existing chapter structure?

In short, it's not clear why you want to use chapters to specify
what are otherwise called parts.

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How to redefine *Chapter* in report.sty?

Post by TeX Adm » Thu, 02 Mar 1995 01:38:12

> I would like to change the standard title of chapter.sty. Could anybody
> tell me how to modify the usual *Chapter 1* to something like *1st Part*.
> Many thanks in advance.

Two different points:

- If your aim is to change `Chapter' to any other word (`Part' or
  anything else) you just have to re-define the macro \chaptername.
  But take care, this is also done in each package managing foreign
  languages, like `babel'.

- If your aim is to obtain `1st' instead of `1' this is a bit more
  difficult, and a `case of' construction seems to be a good idea,
  something like:
  \ifcase{\value{chapter}}\or 1st\or 2nd\or 3rd\or... \fi
  may give you good results.

You can, of course, use both together to obtain `1st part' instead of
`Chapter 1'.

And, last but not least, Robin's remark is of great meaning...

As you are french, a few comments in french:
Je n'ai pas compris clairement si vous souhaitiez creer un nouveau niveau
de sectionnement qui se nomerai `Part' ou si vous cherchiez tout simplement
a creer des en-tete du type `Chapitre premier'. En tout etat de cause, je
pense que les deux pistes que je vous donne ici devraient etre suffisantes

Bien a vous,

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