Placing tables in a document

Placing tables in a document

Post by Masoud Sale » Wed, 06 May 1992 05:24:38

I have difficulty in placing tables in a document ( I am using book.sty ). It seems
that the [p] and [h] options do not work. If I use either of these options the
tables will be moved to a single page at the end of the document. Even if I am
not using any option the table appears some pages after where I expect it to appear.

Your suggestions are appreciated.

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Suppose that there is some LaTeX document with tables or graphics. I want tables
to appear (textually ) exactly at the place where I define them and not at some
random place (usually top of the page).


some text

\caption{\Interesting table}
\begin{tabular}{|l|l|} \hline
        field1          & field2    \\ \hline\hline

more text

I want the table to be printed between "some text" and "more text" lines. What
is the proper way to achieve this?

I tried to play with \topfraction, \bottomfraction and \textfraction but didn't
achieve anything.

Thanks for any help.

- Alex -.

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