How to twig a TOC entry in article.sty?

How to twig a TOC entry in article.sty?

Post by James Lloyd Hi » Thu, 13 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I ran a tedious DejaNews search and couldn't find a response to
this question, so apologies in advance if I missed something.

The default table of contents for a LaTeX2e article documentclass
puts leader dots (dots connecting the heading to the page number)
for entries of subsections and lower.  It does not put them into
entries for sections.  I need the leader dots for all entries.  As
the careful reader will have deduced, my question is:

How do I do this without modifying article.sty?

As a followup, if it can only be done by modifying article.sty, how
do I do _that_?


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1. Response to the articles entitled a4.sty & article.sty.

Posting on behalf of a friend ...


I have used the a4 option successfully with the article style.  However, the
printout still looks funny. The space at top of the page is quite wide (>5cm),
while the  space at the bottom of the page is too narrow, (about 1cm from the
page number). Could that be because our printer (Apple laserwriter II NTX)
still thinks the page is in American format?


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