Mule-CJK-latex2html problem

Mule-CJK-latex2html problem

Post by B.Y » Wed, 16 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Can someone point me to a way to avoid the sad clash between Mule, CJK
and latex2html, all of which works great separately but breaks when I
try to run latex2html on a CJK document in Big5 encoding.  Basically,
Big5 coded Chinese are 2-bytes with the leading byte in from 0xA0-0xFF
and the second byte basically arbitrary.  I believe that I have found
the problem which is that when the second byte of a Big5 character is
a hot char including at least ~ { } and possibly others.  Clearly it's
possible to patch latex2html so that CJK encodings are protected from
interpretation as*syntax.  Equally clear is that I am helpless,
being completely clueless about perl.  Any help available?  Thanks.


1. MULE and CJK

: Looking for the MULE package and instructions, also its interaction
: with the CJK package.  Thank you very much ...

:                                               Linux Newbie ...

MULE can be found, in your site, as the URL:
There are documents and info files in that package. However, if you are
familiar with Emacs, you almost have learned MULE. There are linux
package-liked MULE, a little bit old version, also on:
the directories from mu1 to mu6. Also you can find mule-2.0 in

Hope these are helpful.

Chun-Yu Lee

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