invisible fonts for SliTeX using virtual fonts

invisible fonts for SliTeX using virtual fonts

Post by Sebastian Rah » Fri, 05 Oct 1990 00:50:49

It seems to be that we can throw away all the invisible fonts needed
for SLiTeX by generating virtual fonts of the right name which simply
leave the right amount of space. So to generate an invisible font
corresponding to foo.tfm, i need merely generate, extract the
right information into a foo.vpl and then give myself a foo.vf.
Question: has anyone done a program already to take and write
foo.vpl? It won't be difficult, but I don't want to waste my time if
it already exists



1. Using invisible fonts in slitex

Hi folks,

Recently, I started using the EMTEX 3.0 package.
In general the program runs beautifully.
However, I encountered a problem  that I wishes to present to you.
The problem is related to the use of fonts, and if I'm not totally
mistaken it is not only restricted to EMTEX.

        If one wishes to make overlays with slitex and one uses
        the \invisible command an error-message occurrs while previewing
        or printing the slides. This error-message is about slitex not being
        able to find the invisible fonts. Since I didn 't generate these fonts
        I find the error message understandable. One way of solving the problem
        is by generating the fonts, but I find this an unsatisfactorary
        solution. The invisible .fmt fonts should be sufficient since they
        contain the size information of the printer, which is all that is
        needed to print the "invisible characters". Can anyone tell me how
        the latter solution can be  implemented.

Robert Huis in 't Veld   | Phone: +31-40-473368, Fax. +31-40-448375
Eindhoven University of Technology, Depr. of Electr. Eng. (EB/EH 10.35)
P.O. Box 513, 5600 MB Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

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