Pict files in oztex

Pict files in oztex

Post by Hongbo Zh » Tue, 01 Dec 1992 00:09:20

Could someone in the net tell me how to place a PICT graph to a
given position in an oztex page?

I have used the \special {pict=pict.file}, but don't know how to,
for example, put the graph to the middle point of the page. The origin
of the PICT graph is at the lower-left corner. This \special {pict=pict.file}
command always results in placing the lower-left corner at the middle
point of a page line.

BTW, how can I tranfer a PICT file into an epsf PS file?

Your help is greatly appraciated!


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I'd like a simple tool, preferably a DA, that could find just the
dimensions of the PICT in a PICT file (in inches), preferably without
even opening the file.

Just the width and height, nothing more.  (These numbers are needed to
\input the PICT into a TeX document, using the \special command in

Anything like this around?

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