shuffling names on a line to separate output lines in auxiliary file?

shuffling names on a line to separate output lines in auxiliary file?

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I want my plain tex file of a table of contents of a proceedings
while it is texing to produce an author/page number list in a separate file
to be later sorted by last name.
I have my title, author(s), number of pages each info in the following form:

Radiating Dyon In Einstein-Maxwell Theory\\      
A. Chamorro\\

Geodesic Incompleteness and the Kinked De Sitter Spacetime\\    
K.A.   Dunn, T.A. Harriott, J.G. Williams\\

Bondi-Sachs Metrics and Exact Solutions\\
S.J.   Fletcher,~Jr., A.W.-C. Lun\\

With some simple macros I extracted the author(s) and wrote each to a line
in a new file with the actual page number (generated by the table of contents
macros) following after a comma, but my question is:
can someone think of a clever way of taking the author(s) and the page number
as two inputs to a macro which then writes each separate author (they are
separated by ", ") to its own line in the new file followed by a comma
and the page number (supplied by my toc macros)?

The output would be something like:

A. Chamorro, 1000
K.A.   Dunn, 1003
T.A. Harriott, 1003
J.G. Williams, 1003
S.J.   Fletcher,~Jr., 1005
A.W.-C. Lun, 1005

this would save me a lot of work. if this seems like a fun challenge to
anyone, I thank you in advance.

bob jantzen, volunteer tex coordinator,
dept of math sciences, villanova university


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I want to insert text like the following at the footer
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The following code will do this if read at the start.

For this to work I have a main document which includes lines like
for all main sections.  \input{} is unaffected (for figure input, etc).  The
argument of \finput{} must not contain _$ or other dos-allowed special

Trouble is, it gives me the file:line of the 1st para on the NEXT page, even
though I explicitly tried to code around this (see %%)

How can I fix this, and the _$ character problem above



\newcommand{\inputfilename}{\jobname}    % Defaults until changed
\newcommand{\inputfilenamez}{\inputfilename}   %% phase delay hack.
\newcommand{\inputlinenoz}{\inputlineno}       %%


    \normalsize\slshape Printed: \Now\hfil
    \slshape \inputfilenamez:{\the\inputlinenoz}\ \ \ \
    \upshape page {\thepage} of \pageref{LastPage}
    \gdef\inputfilenamez{\inputfilename}   %% Use-before-assign SHOULD give
    \gdef\inputlinenoz{\inputlineno}    %% a 1-page phase delay but doesn't.





PhD Student,  <<Insert favourite adjective here>>


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