Help cmb10 font missing

Help cmb10 font missing

Post by Nisai Wanaku » Thu, 24 Feb 1994 01:54:45

During converting emacs.dvi to .ps for printing using
dvips I encountered

artesia:/usr1/lemacs-19.6/man 40# dvips lemacs.dvi -o
This is dvips 5.47 Copyright 1986-91 Radical Eye Software
' TeX output 1994.02.22:1001' ->
- MakeTeXPK cmbx12 518 300 magstep\(3.0\)
mf "\mode:=imagen; mag:=magstep(3.0); scrollmode; input cmbx12" < /dev/null
/usr1/tex/bin/MakeTeXPK: 462 Killed
Metafont failed for some reason on cmbx12.518gf
dvips: Font cmbx12.300pk at 518 not found; scaling 300 instead.
dvips: Such scaling will generate extremely poor output.
dvips: Font cmbx12.300pk at 432 not found; scaling 300 instead.
dvips: Font cmbx12.300pk at 360 not found; scaling 300 instead.
dvips: Font cmb10.329pk not found, characters will be left blank. <=====
dvips: Font cmbx12.300pk at 329 not found; scaling 300 instead.
dvips: Font cmtt12.300pk at 329 not found; scaling 300 instead.
dvips: Font cmmi12.300pk at 360 not found; scaling 300 instead.

I don't want characters left blank.  Somebody please tell me
where can I get hold of cmb10.300pk font?



  Edwards Aquifer Research and Data Center (EARDC)
  Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas


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errors. Could some kind person please point out to me the error
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Any and all productive help will be greatly appreciated.

I have a very vanilla latex2e installed on OS/2 warp.

A transcript of one dvips invocation follows:

Mike Andrews

Mgr., Tech. Support, Okla. Dept. of Transportation

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