TeX capacity eceeded with MiKTeX1.11

TeX capacity eceeded with MiKTeX1.11

Post by Pierre Lantagn » Mon, 31 Aug 1998 04:00:00

How I can enlarge TeX capacity (MikTeX  1.11)?

With the fisrt 12 pages it is Ok. At the 13th, with my first eps, TeX leave
without any messsage at the screen. And, when I fixed buffer_size or
mem_max, it does not work: TeX had crashed !!!

Thank you


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A strange problem occured to me after conversion to Miktex1.11
(NT4.0, winEdt). I compiles an old file with Latex and Bibtex.
Everything worked fine, but surprisingly the bbl-file
began with begin(mcbibliography). (instead of thebibliography in the
old bbl file).

Now I wrote a new text and LAtex complained now about
mcbibliography : Environment mcbibliography undefined.

The files are not much different.
Old file, working, (was edited recently):

\begin{document}\raggedright  ...

Not working new file:

\large\textbf{Lipids from spiders and insects}
\normalsize Stefan Schulz

Who can help?
Many thanks

Stefan Schulz

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