NEW! Package for the bbding symbol font

NEW! Package for the bbding symbol font

Post by Peter M|ller Neergaa » Sat, 03 Feb 1996 04:00:00

From time to time there has been requests for a symbolfont for La(TeX).  In
fact there are several on the CTAN.  As far as I know the most comprehensive
is the bbding-symbolfont found in tex-archive/fonts/bbding.

Until now it has however had a great flaw: there was no package for using it
with LaTeX.  Is I found it irritating to have to write \symbol{'117} or the
like, I developed one my self. The package then gives you commands like
\SixFlowerAlternate.  It should be used together with the bbding, and it is
therefore placed in the same directory (at the moment probaply only at, but I guess it will soon be at a site near you).  It consists
of a ".dtx"-file and an installation file. As this suggest it is documented
using doc.

There is still one problem, which irritates me a lot.  I have not been able
to find out, who has developed the metafont source.  And as I consider it
quite a job to develop 80K of pure metafont source, I think he or she should
have a lot of credits.  So if anybody have ANY knowledge about whom it could
be or suggestions on who I probaply could find, I would appreciate it very
most indeed.


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I recently downloaded the bbding font (a font with dinbats-like symbol),, from CTAN.  It is easy enough making the different files (PK and
TFM) with metafont and I can also use with LaTeX by loading and switching to
the font and type codes like \char"2a.  However it would be a litle nice to
define macros like \scissor or \phone.  Of course I can easyly do it with
at class-file, but like most others jobs it takes some time, which I do not
have to much of.  I was therefore wondering if somebody has already the job,
so I could use his/her file.

Many regards

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