'C-program to latex/tex'-converter needed

'C-program to latex/tex'-converter needed

Post by Marc Van.r » Thu, 30 Jan 1992 21:22:37

AA> I'm not sure what you want but it sounds like you are asking for CWEB.
AA> I don't know where to get it though. There is also FWEB (for Fortran)
 No -- FWeb is for Fortran-77, Fortran-90, RatFor, C, C++ and TeX-Macros.
You can mix them all in one Web and FWeb will make separate source files!
 FWeb has also a very usefull macro language. You can use for instance the C
notation 'x=+5' and FWeb will create the correct source for the selected

1. 'C-program to latex/tex'-converter needed

I'm searching for a converter, which converts C sources to TeX or LaTeX.
Anybody out there who knows a converter, so please post on me.

Also i'm searching a converter bourne shell to TeX/LaTex.
Please help, it's very important for me to get a solution.

Perhaps anybody knows a server with programs for me, so please post on me.

Many thanks to all helping men.



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