Generating Fonts with EmTeX

Generating Fonts with EmTeX

Post by Chris Walmsl » Tue, 17 Jul 1990 08:19:22

I am using the EmTeX MetaFont and MFJob to create fonts for my DeskJet Plus.
The supplied default is to create fonts for a LaserJet.  In general these
fonts work fine except that because the DeskJet has a slightly finer Dot
resolution, the thin parts of some letters seem a bit too thin when compared
to the output from a LaserJet.  I don't have the Metafont Book ( could anybody
supply me with the ISBN number), and I am rather unfamilier with Metafont, I
was hoping that someone could suggest some modifications to the ""
supplied with EmTeX to work better with the DeskJet.  The LaserJet definition
they use is as follows:

mode_def hplaser =

I have tried adjusting some of the values, but with little luck in making
a difference.  Because of the time needed to generate fonts, I am soliciting
help on how to make a small bit bolder.

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        I installed emTeX 3.0 [3a] for MS-DOS on the computer of
a friend of mine. It's a 16 MHz AT with 1 Mb RAM and a (about)
20 ms HD. Now I have to generate all the fonts, running MFJOB on
the file ALL.MFJ, for an HP laser printer (m=lj on the command
line of MFJOB) at 300 dpi. Then I'll convert the generated .PK
files to .FLI format using FONTLIB.
        My question is: what is the _order of magnitude_ of the
time needed to complete the given MFJOB job and to convert the
fonts to .FLI format on the computer I described? Minutes? Tens
of minutes? Hours? Days? Thanks in advance.

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