DVIPS V5.58 for DOS - config.ps prob?

DVIPS V5.58 for DOS - config.ps prob?

Post by Frank Sch » Tue, 02 May 1995 04:00:00

I've downloaded and installed dvips 5.58. Now I've kept the old
config.ps file (from version 5.55), but when I process a dvi file, i now
get the message:
"Got a new pagesize"
and the ps file gets set up to Legal-sized paper, and not A4 as it used
to be.
What is wrong? I have commented the lines out that set it up to use
letter-sized paper in the config.ps file, and
have also tried to do so in, and use the new config.ps file. The only
thing I changed when installing the new dvips was to swap the binaries.

Please help!

Frank schow


1. dvips v5.58 & linux


I installed Linux Slackware v2.0 and installed tex 3.1415N, dvips 5.58f,
XEmacs 19.13 and auctex-9.4.

I have some problems

1. dvips always tries to generate its fonts and cannot seem to store
them. This is the message I get when running dvips :

        kpathsea: Running MakeTeXPK cmbx25 300 300 1+0/300 localfont
        NTeX's MakeTeXPK
        Trying to create font cmbx25 (300dpi) at 300dpi (1+0/300) as localfont
        Running cmmf...gftopk...pk
        mv: replace `cmbx25.300pk', overriding mode 0644?

What should I do to prevent dvips from always regenerating its fonts

2. By using auctex under emacs, when I perform the following
in a latex document, normally auctex should append the epsffig,
epsfsize, ... macros automatically. This is however not the case. Under
OS/2 it worked fine and I would like to have it also that way under

Can anyone help?


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