MusicTex - Installing it

MusicTex - Installing it

Post by Mr C Goodw » Thu, 15 Sep 1994 00:00:57

Hi all,

I'm trying to install MusicTeX. I've downloaded and unzipped the package
and put it in a directory 'musictex>'. so in this directory are
all the .exe files and the .tfm and .pk files.

I've added to my autoexec.bat the path of this directory. I can create
a .dvi file using the example in the front of the manual
but cannot use the viewer (dviscr.exe) to look at the dvi file
as I get a 'Can't find font musicbra (I think)'. I
do have the file - so what should I do? I've tried putting
the .pk files in the directory 'texfonts>' but with no joy.

any help?

Many thanks,



1. How to install MusicTeX on Linux?

        I was searching for a unix/linux program for creating sheet music,
which led me to "abc", then "abc2mtex" (having problems makeing that),
which requires MusicTeX (which requires Tex, which is installed (including
variations) by default on RH6.1 linux).  It looks like I've got much to
learn now, as I've not used TeX before, so I don't know what to do with
the MusicTeX files that resulted from un-tarring the distribution. It
appears they are all macros to be used by TeX, an it seems that perhaps
they must be copied to the appropriate directory for use by TeX, but I
don't know what directory this would be or how to find it, not even 100%
sure this is what to do.  If anyone can help, or point me in the right

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