generating .tfm files from GhostScript .afm fonts

generating .tfm files from GhostScript .afm fonts

Post by Ted » Wed, 16 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I was told by Sebastian Rahtz in response to my post of yesterday that to fix
a postscript font problem I should be using the latest GhostScript fonts.

After digging around I found out that there is a etool called fontinst for
doing this (which uses afm2tfm), but it is not set up to go out and process
*all* the GhostScript afm/pfa font files (which might be in, e.g,

Does anyone have some sort of automatic procedure to generate new tfm files
for GhostScript fonts?  Seems like this ought to be a FAQ, but it's not.

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1. Can I get .tfm or .afm files for Bitstream fonts?

Trying to make dvips work with a combination of an HP IIP and a Pacific
Page P*E, I notice that the font tables supplied with dvips don't
exactly match the letterspacing for some of the built-in
Postscript-clone typefonts.

Is it possible to get proper font-width files to go with the Bitstream
fonts included on the Pacific Page cartridge? TeX and dvips use .tfm
files, but dvips comes with a utility to convert .afm files, whatever
they are.

Can anyone offer any suggestions? Thanks.

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