Q : How to use dvips config.ps file for DOS ?

Q : How to use dvips config.ps file for DOS ?

Post by Juergen Schlegelmil » Fri, 27 Oct 1995 04:00:00

: I have got a copy of dvips (version 5.54) with EMTeX. The zip
: file decompress into c:\emtex directory.

: The problem is that when running dvips, the file c:\emtex\ps\config.ps
: doesn't seem to be loaded. I am obliged to define the environement
: variables TEXFONTS and TEXPKS in order that dvips find my font (tfm and
: pk respectively).

Set the TEXCONFIG environment variable to the directory where config.ps



1. DVIPS V5.58 for DOS - config.ps prob?

I've downloaded and installed dvips 5.58. Now I've kept the old
config.ps file (from version 5.55), but when I process a dvi file, i now
get the message:
"Got a new pagesize"
and the ps file gets set up to Legal-sized paper, and not A4 as it used
to be.
What is wrong? I have commented the lines out that set it up to use
letter-sized paper in the config.ps file, and
have also tried to do so in, and use the new config.ps file. The only
thing I changed when installing the new dvips was to swap the binaries.

Please help!

Frank schow

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