1992 TeX Users Group Election

1992 TeX Users Group Election

Post by Anita Zanolini Hoov » Thu, 27 Aug 1992 01:07:47

                   1992 TeX Users Group Election

Accompanying this announcement is a nomination petition form for the
TeX Users Group election for 1992.  One official is to be elected this
year: the TUG President.  (No Board positions are open this year.)  The
term will begin upon expiration of the term of the incumbent, namely,
January 1, 1993.

The Board has determined that establishing a good working relationship
requires a meeting of the Board at the beginning of a new term.  In
order to avoid the inconvenience and expense of an additional meeting
when the new term begins on January 1, the elections schedule will be
adjusted so that terms of all officeholders elected in future cycles
will end on June 30.  Since most Board members attend the annual
meeting, this will provide for a smooth and convenient transition.
Elections this year and next will be held in the Autumn; beginning
in 1994, the schedule will be adjusted to begin later.

In order to accommodate the shift in schedule, the term of the
President to be elected this year will terminate on June 30, 1995; thus
the length of the term will be two and one-half years.

Candidates for any open office may be nominated either by petition or
from the floor at the annual business meeting.  A petition must be
signed by the candidate (to signify acceptance) and by two (2) other
TUG members, and returned to the TUG office.  The deadline for receipt
of petitions for this year is September 28.  (There were no nominations
from the floor at the annual meeting.)

A short biography of the candidate and a candidate's statement of
purpose (a total of no more than 400 words, distributed as the
candidate chooses), and a passport-size photograph should be returned
with the petition.  These statements and photographs will accompany
the ballot sent to members, and may in some cases provide all the
information that a member knows about a candidate.

Ballots will be mailed to all members about 30 days after the close of
nominations.  Marked ballots must be received no more than five (5)
weeks following the mailing; the exact date will be noted on the

Ballots will be counted by a disinterested party not part of the TUG
organization. The results of the election should be available by

It is the Board's hope that every member of TUG will participate
actively, either as a candidate or by supporting the candidacy of
others, and certainly as a thoughtful voter.

                                        Barbara Beeton
                                        for the Elections Committee

                    1992 TeX Users Group Election
                     Nomination for TUG President

Only TUG members whose dues have been paid for 1992 are eligible to
have their names appear on this petition, either as nominee or
supporter. The signatures of two (2) members are required in addition
to that of the nominee.  Type or print names clearly, exactly as
they appear in the most recent TUG membership list or on a TUG mailing
label; new members should enter the name which they used on their
membership application form.  Names that cannot be identified in the
TUG records will not be accepted as valid.

The undersigned TUG members propose the nomination of:

-------------------------  --------------------------  ---------------
    Name of nominee               (signature)              (date)

for the position of TUG President, for a term from January 1, 1993
                    -------------                  ---------------
through June 30, 1995.

                 Members supporting this nomination

     Nominated by                  Signature                 Date
    (please print)

-------------------------  --------------------------  ---------------

-------------------------  --------------------------  ---------------

Return this petition to the TUG office (FAXed submissions will also be
accepted).  Petitions must be received in the TUG office no later than
September 28, 1992.

    TeX Users Group
    Nominations for 1992 Election
    P.O. Box 9506
    Providence, RI 02940-9506

    FAX: (401) 751-1071