Virtual fonts a little *too* virtual... please help

Virtual fonts a little *too* virtual... please help

Post by Timothy Murp » Mon, 05 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Quote:>I've been installing Type1 fonts under (te)TeX.  I've done everything
>relevant I could find: creating .vpl, .vf, and .tfm files, installing
>them, updating, etc.
>My understanding is that dvips should use the relevant .vf and .tfm
>files to create a virtual font.  The problem is...  not only am I not
>getting correct printouts (mainly, ligatures are missing and character
>spacing is off - at least, these are the things I can easily spot),
>but also, it turns out that it makes no difference whether the .vf files
>are there or not.  If I rename or delete one, the results are *exactly*
>the same as if the files are there.

It seems to me that*isn't using your virtual fonts,
presumably because you are not invoking a .sty file or .fd file
which calls them.
You could use dvitype (if you have it)
to see which fonts exactly*is using:

% dvitype myfile.dvi

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Does anyone know whether there is a dvi->laserjet driver that
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