multiple cites w/ one regexp in auctex/reftex

multiple cites w/ one regexp in auctex/reftex

Post by John Hunte » Wed, 10 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I often want to make multiple citations from results of a single
regexp seach using 'reftex-citation', but am forced to rerun the
function and retype the regexp to get the additional citations.  Is
there a better way?



1. foiltex and auctex, reftex, etc.

I am using foiltex (great package!) with emacs and auctex, reftex,
outl-minor-mode etc. With a normal latex file these packages produce
outlines, outline views, etc. by looking for the \section'ing

Foiltex, however, uses \foilhead (and \rotatefoilhead) instead of
\section, so these nice tools do not work anymore (auctex does has
some minimal support). e.g. outl-minor-mode does not work at all.

I got around this by defining section again as:


This almost works, the only problem I have now is with the
\section*{References} that is generated automatically by the
\bibliography command. With my new section definition it gets
translated into \foilhead{*}References.

Ive tried using \secdef but this then breaks \foilhead[.5in]{Title}.



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