A bug in AMS-LaTeX 1.2?

A bug in AMS-LaTeX 1.2?

Post by Miroslav Do » Wed, 19 Oct 1994 17:48:21

The optional argument in \frac command seems not to work. If I write,
for example \frac[1.5pt]{f(x)}{g(x)}, the output is as if
\frac{[}{1}.5ptf(x)g(x) was written.
Probably for the same reason \cfrac does not work.
I noticed this fact when I compiled the file testmath.doc (the page
20 and 21).
Further I noticed that some overfull \hboxes are in amsldoc (for
example pages 10, 14, 17), but no error messages during the TeXing.
What is the reason?
Only a little note. In amsldoc the commands \operatorname and
\operatorname* are described, but in testmath the names are
\operatorname and \operatornamewithlimits (pp. 19,20).
Miroslav Dont

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I use Textures 1.7, have the PostScript AMSFonts from Blue Sky Research
and I just installed LaTeX2e and AMS-LaTeX 1.2. The read me file that
accompanies AMS-LaTeX 1.2 says:

This indicates that there should be a file called psamsfonts.ins that I
should be TeXing. The AMS-LaTeX 1.2 distribution does not include this
file. What should I be doing?

I TeXed amsfonts.ins and it created:


which I promptly put in my TeX inputs folder. Was this the right thing to do?

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Best regards,
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