help: installing xypic and wasy with emtex

help: installing xypic and wasy with emtex

Post by CMS » Thu, 11 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I am trying to install xypic and wasy with emTeX. Actually the install
instruction of xypic is very good. But the problem is emTeX does not follow
the TDS. I know where to put *.mf, *.tfm and *.pk files.

However, I do not know where to put  PostScript Type1 Fonts, Adobe Font
Metric Files, and PostScript Font Metric Files.

Please share me your wisdom. Thanks.


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I am trying to learn Tex and I would like to install it on my PC.  I
am not quite sure about the installation procedure. I would
appreciate your help very much. I should point that I don't have
newsgroup access, please send all replies to my e-mail address.

Thank You

Ramin Arani

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