cross-ref in report.sty

cross-ref in report.sty

Post by Mr. P.S. Spenc » Sat, 18 Jun 1994 21:49:03

OK, the chapter and section are labelled as follows:


but when I do a \ref{s:foobar} I get the section number but not the
chapter. In other words I get `section' rather than `chapter'.`section'.
Anybody know why, or what to do about it (aside from the obvious:

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1. customized display labels cross-ref'd

Hi folks,

I've been using LaTeX for some time, with great joy and gratitude but
with little understanding of its deep inner workings.  I'm a philosophy
grad student, and it's common practice in philosophy to label and
display some important principle or example or such, like this:

      (M) p, but I don't believe that p.

I've managed to make a little customized display function for this,


which I then use like this

\item[M] $p$, but I don't believe that $p$.

Now, I'd like to be able to \label these displayed sentences and
cross-reference them so that the item label is displayed in the
cross-reference, so that '\ref{disp:m}' would show up as 'M' or '(M)'.
How do I do this, please?  Or is there an easier way, a pre-built
package or something, that I could use?

Thanks in advance for your help,

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