HELP :: \leaders in internal vertical mode

HELP :: \leaders in internal vertical mode

Post by Robert Klo » Sat, 28 Nov 1992 13:52:27


   it seems to me that i am having to go thru way too much effort
just to draw a box around some text.  when i use \halign blocks and
draw rules around them, i don't have any problems, but when i have
a variable amount of text inside a fixed size box it seems that
something goes way over my head.

   below, i have included the macros i am using to accomplish my task.
they work just about right.  the problem i am having is that after
i get several of these boxes on a page, i end up with a dot here and
there, or sometimes a horizontal line across the page where the
vertical lines of the myboxes are missing a dot.

   the missing dots are always on the boundary between sections of
text.  notice line 2 in macro \beginmybox (\hbox to \myboxwidth ...).
this is basically my \vskip but keep drawing the vertical lines around
mybox.  i thought the problem might be with the glue so i tried a
different method found in line 6 of the same macro (\doubleline...).
it didn't work.

   another problem comes from the \doubleline macro.  the smaller
i make the vrule height the cleaner the vertical lines come out.
for some reason i can't get a solid line at all if the vrule height
in this macro is any higher than .4pt regardless of the glue.  and
further, if i bring the vrule height down below .25pt, after i get
around forty myboxes on a page dviscr blows off on memory.

   anyway, if there is some texpert out there who knows the three
line solution, please send me mail.  even if you think you can shed
any light on my problem, i would be glad to hear from you.  btw -
i am using emtex if that matters.


----cut here----

\normallineskip 0pt
\baselineskip 0pt
\font\sbig cmr17
\font\ss cmr5
\font\sb cmbx5

\hbox to \myboxwidth{\vrule height 3pt\hfil\vrule height 3pt}
\hbox to \myboxwidth{\sbig\vrule\hfil#1\hfil\vrule}
\doubleline{\vbox to 3pt}\nointerlineskip


\hbox to \myboxwidth{\vrule\hfil{\ss{\hsize \insidemargin
\vbox{\raggedright\hangindent 1em #1
{\sb #2}}}}\hfill\vrule}




\leaders\hbox to \myboxwidth{\vrule height .25pt
\hfil\vrule height .25pt}\vskip 0pt plus .1pt minus .1pt}


\withinmybox{this is light,}{this is dark}
\withinmybox{i never know how many of these entries are going to be}{}
\withinmybox{sometimes there will even be}{none}



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Tulane University             
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