Q: News paper in LaTeX?

Q: News paper in LaTeX?

Post by MaDsen Wikho » Tue, 17 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Am I out flying or could it be possible to accomplish a `real'
newspaper in LaTeX?

I guess everything else could work (pictures in paragraphs, text in
arbitrary columns aso.) but to get text flowing from one place to
another will probably pose a problem or is there a solution (is it at
all possible to accomplish)?

Any help would be appreciated (and preferrably by mail due to x-mas


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1. TUG news: elections, TUGboat, development fund, call for papers

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1. TUG elections

The terms of the TUG President and of 11 members of the Board of
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The election to choose the new TUG President and Board members will be
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2. TUG 2003: Call for Papers

The TeX Users Group's 24th Annual Meeting is to be held 20-24 July 2003
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We welcome submissions of a title and abstract by November 18, 2002;

information on submitting papers, as well as the conference in general,
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3. TeX Development Fund

TUG has initiated a new project: a TeX Development Fund.  It was
officially announced at the TUG 2002 conference in India.  The idea is
to financially support TeX-related projects to the best of our ability.
Please see http://tug.org/tc/devfund/ for more information and an online

4. TUGboat

We are pleased to announce that TUGboat 22.1/22.2 (a double issue) is
at the printer and scheduled to be mailed September 26th.  The TUGboat
production team is working on the two issues that follow (for 2001) in
hopes they will mail by the end of the year.  More news will be
forthcoming regarding Volume 23, which is in the pipeline as well.
If you have ideas for articles you would like to write, or read, please

5. CTAN CD-ROM's via Dante

Each year, Dante (the German TeX users group, http://www.dante.de),
produces an abstract of the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network compendium
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