Help:how can I print dvi via my Epson LQ-100 printer?

Help:how can I print dvi via my Epson LQ-100 printer?

Post by Li-Chang Li » Wed, 07 Sep 1994 00:54:04

As title.
I've download dvidot.arj but got problem on installing and configuration.

thanks and better if reply
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Knows anybody a dvi-driver for a EPSON LQ-100 (24 needles) under linux
(unix)? I only heard of `dvieps', but it seems made for only 9
needles. And there are also some other driver-distributions, but I
never found any appropriate for a EPSON LQ with 24 needles.
  (Former I used DOS with EMTEX. There was `dvidot' but now?)
Thanks a lot,

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