atari Mega ST2 and dvicopy

atari Mega ST2 and dvicopy

Post by Rik Janss » Wed, 22 Feb 1995 16:20:43

Can anyone provide me with a (compiled) version of dvicopy for
the Atari Mega ST2?

Thanks a lot,

Rik Janssen


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Does anyone know where to get a dvi-driver for the Atari with the following
  - output on a NEC P6 plus Pinwriter (24-dot-matrix, 360x360 dpi)
  - the requested feature: the driver should be able to print in landscape
      mode as well as portrait mode, and it should be possible to switch
      between these modes with specials, so that one can use the portland.sty
      (LaTeX). It would be even better if for example two DIN A5 pages could
       be printed on a DIN A4 sheet of paper.

Is anything like this around on a ftp site somewhere or available in another
way (preferable as a binary (too) and for free)?
It's quite important for me.

Thanks a lot,

Lutz Pressler (Goettingen, Germany)

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