LaTeX: Arrowhaeds in the lasy fonts

LaTeX: Arrowhaeds in the lasy fonts

Post by KNAP.. » Tue, 12 Jul 1994 01:36:42

Why are there four arrowheads in the lasy font, if only one of them is ever
used (by \leadsto)? Does anyone know?

--J"org Knappen.


1. replace lasy* with wasy* in LaTeX?

If I want to replace the lasy font with the wasy font in my default
set-up for LaTeX with NFSS, it seems I need only change "lasy" to
"wasy" in newlfont.sty, oldlfont.sty, preload.ori, and fontdef.max,
and then rebuild the format file. I have two questions:

1. Is this correct? If not, what is?

2. Where should I place the bindings for the extra symbols? If it
   doesn't screw things up, I'd just as soon have them "preloaded"
   rather than call a style option.


"[Do not] put too much confidence in experimental results until they have
been confirmed by theory."  ---Sir Arthur Eddington

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