Help with virtual fonts

Help with virtual fonts

Post by Laurent Bernard » Sat, 09 Oct 1993 01:57:11

I have created a virtual font (Times-Roman, small caps) with:

afm2tfm Times-Roman -V ptmrc rptmrc
vptovf ptmrc.vpl ptmrc.vf ptmr.tfm

Now, what do I have to put into the file to actually
print with that font?

Any help would be greatly apreciated. Please reply by E-Mail as
I do not read this group regularly. I will post a summary.

Laurent Bernardin - Waterloo Maple Software


Help with virtual fonts

Post by Rolf Marvin B?e Lindgr » Sat, 09 Oct 1993 06:11:15

Quote:> afm2tfm Times-Roman -V ptmrc rptmrc

No, afm2tfm Times-Roman -V ptmrc rptmr

Quote:> vptovf ptmrc.vpl ptmrc.vf ptmr.tfm



> Now, what do I have to put into the file to actually
> print with that font?


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It seems to me that LaTeX isn't using your virtual fonts,
presumably because you are not invoking a .sty file or .fd file
which calls them.
You could use dvitype (if you have it)
to see which fonts exactly LaTeX is using:

% dvitype myfile.dvi

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